Structure of the nordic permaculture institute

The Nordic institute of Permaculture consists of all the board members of the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Permaculture associations and all the diploma holders of the Nordic diploma system who gather at the nordic meeting once a year. The Nordic institute of Permaculture is responsible for all formal decisions concerning the diplomprocess and all adjustments and changes to the nordic diploma system.

Decisions made by the nordic institute are imidiately valid, are not validated and can not be replaced or changed through decisions made by the Permculture associations separately.

Since the nordic permaculture institute meeting in 2017 the nordic institute has a secretariat. The secretariat is made up of a representative from the board of the permaculture association of each country, and a representative of the diploma holders of each country.

The secretariat is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the diploma system, including approving external diploma tutors, and resolving problems that may arrise and making any decisions nescesary for the diploma system to opperate between nordic meetings.
  • Writing a short text about diploma presentations, decisions made by the nordic institute etc. for the nordic permaculture magazine after nodic meetings.
  • Making sugestions for changes to the diploma system for of the nordic institute meetings each year, based on what has been happening within the diplomsystem during the past year.
  • Interpret and clarify the diploma rules and regulations, and adjust how they are forumlated in writing and translate them to nordic languages, as well as English.

The secretariat may not change or reinterpret diploma rules and regulations or otherwise act in ways that are contrary to decisions taken at the nordiska institute meetings.

If you want to get in touch with the secretariat, the easiest way is through the diploma contact person at the permaculture association in your country.