Pris 2.500 SEK (exkl. 25{d24d799ae33e858f145fabc9ef0046ddaeb4acb5165af0979facdaab676a5fae} moms).

Inspiration on social permaculture

Welcome to a weekend course where we explore how permaculture design can support building healthy groups. We will focus on the individual, our relation to nature and to the group. The course will give you inspiration on social permaculture and its usefulness to strengthen our individual health and the groups` we work within. It will also give you an introduction to permaculture design and how we have used it both on a land based and non land based project.

Information and booking:
The course is held in English with possibilities for translation into Swedish. We can welcome maximum 25 p. Course fee: 2.500 SEK (exkl. 25{d24d799ae33e858f145fabc9ef0046ddaeb4acb5165af0979facdaab676a5fae} moms). This includes course, accommodation in shared bedrooms and all food during the weekend. All food is prepared by the kitchen at Kosters Trädgårdar, with mostly uses our own vegetables. It will be all vegetarian/vegan. Please let us know of any allergies.

Book your place by prepayment of 1.000 SEK to BG 5129-4429 (Swedish accounts) for foreign accounts use: Please do also send a mail to: helena@kosterstradgardar.se. Let us know about your previous experience of permaculture and also some words on what your aim is to join the course. Latest booking date: 15th September 2017.

Timeframe of course:
Starting Friday 13th October at 18h. (Ferry departs from Strömstad at 16h) Ending Sunday 15th October at 16h. (Ferry departs Långegärde, Sydkoster at 16.45 and arrives Strömstad 17.40)

About Peter Cow:
Peter is an international Permaculture teacher, designer and mentor, with a specialism in social and personal regenerative design. He has been teaching and facilitating Permaculture courses since 2007, and leads PDCs, People Permaculture courses, nature connection trainings and culture design courses around Europe. Heis passionate about co-creating temporary immersive community learning experiences, and their power to transform and empower people - connecting participants to nature,
themselves and the wider community. A cutting edge and heartfelt trainer and facilitator, Peter lives in Devon, UK, and regularly runs People Permaculture Facilitator training courses with Looby Macnamara. He is an Assessment level tutor in the British Permaculture Diploma, and is also involved in helping a few other countries develop their own Diploma systems. He is trained as a facilitator in the
Work That Reconnects, and is also very active in the British and European nature connection and culture repair movements, working with the 8 Shields Institute - learning and sharing tools from indigenous cultural wisdom via the 8 Shields Institute. Peter did his PDC in 1998 and went on to co-found the StewardCommunity Woodland sustainable living project in Devon, living there for seven years and exploring how to live in community, learning how to grow, build, compost, listen, let go and manage a woodland. He completed his Permaculture Diploma in May 2007, which included designs for events, buildings, land management and perennial gardening. He left the community in late 2007 to move to London, and spent many years travelling in Europe and Britain - teaching, learning, mentoring, designing and singing, before moving back to Devon. Peter’s specialist areas of design and training experience are events, regenerative mentoring, personal and community development tools, low
impact construction, communication, permaculture woodland management, nature connection and music. He has self-produced 2 albums of acoustic Permaculture songs, and contributed his song ‘Grassroots Sustainable Futures’ to the ‘Earth Stars’ permaculture CD in 2004 For details about his courses and events, to hear and download his songs, visit http://www.livingincircles.com

About Kosters Trädgårdar & Co teacher Helena von Bothmer
Kosters Trädgårdar is a permaculture garden, restaurant and course venue situated in the first Swedish Marine National Park on an island on the Swedish west coast. During summer months Kosters Trädgårdar is open for visitors and tourists with the underlying wish to inspire everyone who enters to take steps towards sustainability. In spring and autumn we mainly work with arranging special events, courses and gatherings within the theme of sustainability, food, gardening, cooperation and micro enterprises. On the venue there are two enterprices, one being a cooperative who is in charge of the
restaurant. Helena von Bothmer is a gardener and permaculture designer. She took her pdc course in 1992 and diploma in 1998. Since then she has been working with the project and operation at Kosters Trädgårdar, which she initiated with her husband in 1995. Helena arranges and co-creates permaculture courses (pdc) in Sweden and Norway. And she is now eager to expand the venue and herself into the social field of permaculture.