Crowdfunding is a fast growing way to fund good ideas but where the initiatives doesnt have the money needed. It is a way to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Below you find crowdfundingsites which have a specific aim to support initiatives within the framework of sustainability and holistic thinking. 
The first crowdfunding website exclusively for permaculture projects, WeTheTrees was started by permaculture design (PDC) teacher Christian Shearer and accepts pitches from $100 (£60).
With a vast ‘environment’ section, Indiegogo has no vetting process, allowing the power of the crowd to judge each project’s promise. The only platform to offer ‘flexi-funding’, it may suit projects that can make a start even if they don’t raise all the money they need. 
The sister website to respected equity-based platform Crowdcube, Crowdfunder will host projects for up to 60 days. Donors are asked to pay Paypal or Go-Cardless’ fees on top of their pledge, ensuring the majority of their contribution goes towards your project. 
With a dedicated ‘green’ section, Sponsume accepts pitches for £200 or more and charges 4% commission on every successfully-funded project. With a highly-engaged, artistic community, it is well suited to projects with fun, creative or radical missions. 
Started by Kiva-founder Michael Norton OBE, Buzzbnk is the only crowdfunding platform to allow backers to pledge their time as well as (or instead of) their money. It aims to unite social ventures with the people who can help bring their projects to life.